IDHELIO accompany you throughout the whole process.

14 years of experience in engineering and R&D studies.

Energy and process engineering in thermal solar technologies and heat storage.



The Ministry of Research and Innovation has renewed IDHELIO’s “private research organization” accreditation for the period 2022-2024.

IDHELIO carries out Research and Development (R&D) activities for third-party organizations with the benefit of the Research Tax Credit (CIR).
IDHELIO can support companies in their R&D efforts, from identifying needs to carrying out the work needed to remove technological obstacles.


IDHELIO accompanies you throughout your projects and your reflections to decarbonize your industrial processes.


Before any project, we carry out a first opportunity study free of charge.

It allows to quantity the usefulness of an IDHELIO installation on your existing system or for a future realization.


It includes an hourly energy balance, a study of the settlements and interfaces with the industrial process, and a comparative analysis of different technical solutions.
It allows an optimization of the dimensioning, and the establishment of the specifications.


Once the profitability of the project has been studied, IDHELIO can advise you and guide you in setting up its financing scheme.

Financial plan to ease investment decisions

Schemas de commercialisation pour faciliter les décisions d’investissement

Solution 1: Direct purchase by the end customer

  • public investment aid
  • avoided carbon tax
  • residual financing through equity and bank loans


Solution 2: purchase via a project company that assumes the investment

  • public investment aid
  • avoided carbon tax
  • purchase of heat by the end customer from the project company


Investment aid

In addition to the carbon tax, which aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels, most countries set up investment aid to promote projects based on sustainable energies that do not emit greenhouse gases.

Aid aimed at speeding up the decarbonization of heat can generally be obtained between 25% and 50% of the investment. In France, there are four main families of helpers :

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