Simplicity and efficiency

Simple and effective products patented since 2013.

IDHELIO technologies are polluting emissions-free.

0% greenhouse gas

0% nitrogen oxide

0% smoke and particulate

Eco-designed, they are quickly implemented and easy to maintain.

They use abundant and accessible natural resources,

Their life cycles are waste-free and environmentally friendly



Solar furnace transposed to an industrial scale

Step 1 : The sun’s rays are reflected by linear mirrors to a receiver through which air passes. Thanks to automated and high-precision kinematics, the mirrors follow the sun and constantly concentrate the solar irradiance towards the receiver.

2rd step : The outside air is injected into the receiver which behaves like a heat exchanger: Solar Irradiance is then transformed into thermal energy.

3rd step : The air flow is then produced at a constant temperature over the day, within a possible range of 150°C to 250°C depending on the solar resource



A solar concentrator from 0.1 MWth to 10 MWth,
High temperature heat production from 150°C to 250°C,
Storable production for continuous use 24 hours a day, day and night.

HELIO PROD is a 100% automated and secure system, operating without human presence.

HELIO PROD can be coupled to most industrial processes, thanks to the simplicity of regulating the flow rate and the temperature of the hot air flow.

Technical characteristic

  • Air at 250°C: 15 kg of air for 1 kWhth producedth produit
  • Peak power: 650 kWth for 1000 m2 of mirrors
  • Annual production: 400 to 950 kWhth/m2/year
  • Carbon avoided: up to 200 kg of CO2/m2/year



Three-step operation :

Charge : Hot air circulates through a bed made of rock aggregate. It exist outward at ambiant temperature after giving its heat to the aggregates. The choice of an appropriate rock makes it possible to clearly separate a hot zone from a cold zone in the bed: a mobile temperature front moves during the charge.

Storage : Storage is isolated from the outside. The energy conservation performance is excellent for durations of a few hours to a few days.

Discharge : The direction of the air flow circulation is reversed: outside air is injected into the bed of hot rock, and the air come out at a stable temperature, close to the injection temperature.

High temperature thermal storage on a bed of natural rock that preserves the environment.



A thermal storage battery from 1 to 100MWh th in a bed of natural rock for a continuous supply of solar heat.

With HELIO PROD plants, HELO STORE storage guarantees a stable heat supply. This supply is independent of meteorological intermittences and day-night solar cycles: it thus adapts perfectly to user processes.

HELIO STORE is a modular product : the rock bed volume can be customized for high storage capacities

HELIO STORE has excellent recovery of high temperature energy thanks to the large exchange surface of the rock bed, and an excellent heat conservation thanks to the insulating power of the air.

HELIO STORE uses the thermocline technology to guarantee a stable and high temperature recovery.

HELIO STORE is designed with an innovative internal architecture, specially adapted to the variability of solar cycles.

Technical characteristics

  • Natural materials or recycled : alluvial limestone, granit, basalt
  • Possible heat input up to 1000°C,
  • Storage temperature from 150 to 600°C,
  • Storage density up to 300 kWh th/m³,
  • Storage duration from 1 hour to 10 days,
  • A wide range of volume : from 10 to 1000 m³.

Hot air

Air benefits : simplicity and effectiveness

The use of air is IDHELIO’s signature. It is at the heart of HELIO PROD and HELIO STORE.

Air is a clean heat transfer fluid, suitable for high temperature.

Compared to other heat transfer fluids such as thermal oils or steam, air has many advantages :

  • no risk of polluting leaks,
  • non-corrosive,
  • non-flammable,
  • stable over time,
  • free,
  • not subject to regulations: neither classified,
  • installations nor pressure equipment.
moteur air chaud et tubulures Idhelio


Multipurpose use : hot air, steam, cold…

IDHELIO products are positioned on the production and storage of high temperature heat.

With a high energy density, the high temperature hot air produced by IDHELIO can be easily injected into the customer process, without disturbing its operating regime.

Thanks to the high temperature air, a high-efficiency production of steam or cold is also possible.

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