Simple and effective technologies at the service of the ecological transition


Industry – Agriculture – Tertiary

homme en tenue de protection peint avec peinture en poudre
fabrication de route avec engin pour la pose de goudron
fabrication de route avec engin pour la pose de goudron


Many manufacturers may benefit from IDHELIO solutions :

Affected processes: :

  • high temperature processes,
  • air preheating for combustion,
  • drying, baking,
  • hygienization, pasteurization,
  • production of solar cold,
  • etc…

Examples of revelant industry sectors :

  • manufacture of road asphalt,
  • construction materials (brick, tile, plaster),
  • wood industry (chipboard, etc.),
  • anaerobic digestion (sludge hygienization),
  • agro-food and animal feed,
  • drying of fruits and medicinal plants,
  • plastic processing and recycling,
  • laundry, textiles, chemicals,
  • etc…

A tailor-made technical solution :

  • Possibility of producing heat from 70 to 600°C without logistical constraints such as those encountered in wood supply, or other type of fuel,
  • Adaptation to the type of heat transfer fluid used (air, water, steam, thermal oil),
  • Continuous production (24/7) thanks to storage (HELIO STORE),
  • Recovery of waste heat (for example that of combustion fumes up to 1000°C): high temperature thermal storage HELIO STORE to meet intermittent thermal needs from 70°C to 600°,
  • Compliance with new environmental requirements: no greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen oxide or dust, 80% reduction in fossil fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions,
  • Optimization of the use of surfaces: parking shades, agrivoltaic projects, collective production,

Financing Solutions :

  • Financial arrangement with a third party investment (project companies),
  • Possibility of heat sale,

Administrative simplicity :

  • HELIO STORE and HELIO PROD do not require any specific regulatory authorization.

sechage de champignon grace a l air chaud idhelio
sechage de champignon grace a l air chaud idhelio
sechage de champignon grace a l air chaud idhelio
sechage de champignon grace a l air chaud idhelio
citerne de traitement des dechets organiques pour recuperation de bio-gaz
sechage de champignon grace a l air chaud idhelio


IDHELIO is in line with current changes in the agricultural sector:

  • opt for agriculture that is more respectful of the environment,
  • take into account demands for healthier food practices that are concerned with production methods,
  • favor short circuits and on-site transformations,
  • reduce the farms energy dependence.

The thermal needs of agricultural installations involve essentially low and medium temperature ranges (40 to 150°C). The use of cold production also exists.
IDHELIO offers flexible and adaptable solutions to the diversity of these needs.



IDHELIO notably offers solutions for :

  • the heating of livestock buildings (with for example incubators),
  • the production of hot water for drinking troughs or cleaning.

Greenhouse activities

The development of market gardening greenhouses (closed or semi-closed) generates significant and seasonal energy needs:

  • heating in winter (in particular to increase crop earliness),
  • dehumidification,
  • cooling in summer.

Greenhouse aquaponics and algae cultivation activities such as spirulina also require heating and sometimes drying.

Seasonal crop drying

The hot air drying of fodder, fruit or cereals is an activity that is done day and night, but for a limited period.

The HELIO STORE solution covers heating needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Coupling with a photovoltaic solution makes it possible to recover energy in thermal form during drying periods, and in electrical form outside these periods.


Local processing of agricultural products

The development of on-site production (drying of fruits, vegetables and crushing of soybeans, for example) is a new area of ​​development for producers.

The same is true for the treatment of agricultural waste (drying-hygienization of methanation sludge and wet agricultural waste).

In the current climate and energy context, it is essential to consider using renewable energies to develop these new activities. IDHELIO solutions comply with this requirement as they do not emit any greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides or other dust.

In addition, they allow the production of heat without logistical constraints such as the supply of wood or biomass.

The installation of HELIO PROD and/or HELIO STORE at the heart of the farm also makes it possible to optimize the use of surfaces (agrivoltaic projects, shade houses, collective production, etc…).

Fishing and cannery

The preservation of fishery products requires the production of cold, which IDHELIO solutions also allow.

eco-quartier autonome en energie solaire
station de traitement des eaux usagees


The thermal needs of the tertiary sector and communities are essentially low temperature needs (<110°C), often associated with cooling needs.

Most communities are energized by increasingly strong citizen demands in terms of energy and environmental policies. The decarbonization of heat appears to be a central element of the transition policies to be implemented. IDHELIO solutions have their place there.


Building thermal

In most cases, the cold needs and the hot needs follow one another. The heating demand is in winter while the cooling demand is concentrated in the summer. The demand for hot water is fairly constant all year round, but with strong peaks in demand during the day.
These cycles of needs are decorrelated from the solar cycles, both in seasonal and daily terms.

The HELIO VOLT solution, which couples the HELIO STORE high temperature storage technology with a photovoltaic resource, is particularly well suited to respond to all these issues of seasonal variations, and continuous demand over certain periods.

For example, IDHELIO solutions may be offered for:

  • Eco-districts and tourism infrastructures (camping and hotel),
  • Sports equipment including swimming pools,
  • hospitals and nursing homes,
  • Service activities: data center, relay, telecom and platform…

Treatment of sludge from wastewater treatment plants

Some communities have significant population increases during summer periods, which generates additional sludge to be treated in treatment plants.

Here again, IDHELIO solutions are well suited to optimize the management of this seasonal need and offer local authorities “clean” solutions, in accordance with their economic and environmental policies.

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