Simple and effective technologies at the service of the ecological transition

IDHELIO meets industrial needs by combining its products:

  • HELIO PROD: solar concentration through a Linear fresnel Reflector
  • HELIO STORE: high temperature heat storage on a pebble bed

IDHELIO offers systems adapted to each client according to several criteria:

  • Temperature requirements of its processes (70 to 600°C),
  • Geographical location and yearly solar irradiance of the site,
  • Type of used heat transfer fluid (air, steam, hot water, etc.),
  • Energy consumption cycle of industrial process (seasonal, weekly, daily).


The fact of coupling the HELIO-PROD and HELIO-STORE technologies makes it possible to get a supply of high temperature heat of solar origin, continuously 24 hours a day.

For example :

  • The solar heat produced during the day can be stored and used during the following night or on the following non-sunny days.
  • The solar heat produced during the weekend can also be stored and available from Monday morning.

This system allows a production of high temperature hot air from 70°C to 250°C, usable directly or after storage.

Eventually, temperatures up to 350°C can also be envisaged.

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This solution is perfectly suited for :

  • Drying ( fruit and vegetable, wood, materials, waste product and biomass ) ,
  • Pre-heating materials
  • Air pre-heating to reduce the consumption of a burner

Another benefit is the responsiveness of the system : the temperature rise is quick.

Finally, the direct production of hot air does not require a heat exchanger, which contributes to the simplicity of the system, to the ease of its maintenance and to its durability.



HELIO VOLT is a system that produces and stores green electricity – photovoltaic, wind power, etc. – in order produce high-temperature heat.

HELIO STORE will be coupled to local electrical network via an air heater. It is a bit like the principle of the hot water cumulus commonly used in the residential sector, but the water is replaced by air heated by a “big hair dryer”. HELIO VOLT therefore recovers intermittent electricity to continuously supply industrial applications requiring high temperature heat.

Just as the cumulus heats the water during off-peak hours, HELIO VOLT can take advantage of low-cost electricity to load HELIO STORE and thus have heat available 24 hours a day at an advantageous price.

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usine brique en terre cuite

HELIO VOLT has many advantages :

  • Up to 80% reduction in CO2 emissions,
  • The possibility of producing heat up to 600°C thanks to the electric air heater,
  • A storage cost 5 to 10 times cheaper than electric storage by battery and for a much higher durability.


IDHELIO’s high-temperature technologies can be coupled with a boiler or an absorption refrigeration unit, to continuously produce steam or cold from a solar resource.

High yield can be achieved thanks to the high temperature level.

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This involves recovering waste heat, such as the one contained in industrial fumes. The use of HELIO STORE storage is particularly relevant for intermittent processes and with time lags between the recovery of waste heat and its recovery in the customer process.

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